• Grimkirk

    on August 11, 2006

    Wonderful photography. I too would appreciate a CD of these images if one is to be had. grimkirk@runbox.com

  • Avery

    on October 3, 2005

    Magnificent job of photography! Battle scenes are better than being there though lacking the excitement of sound and fury, of course. Particularly of interest to me were the shots of the Atlantean Court and the shots of His Grace Duke Sir Cuan in the Tourney of Champions looking so mighty and so fine. Thank you for sharing.

  • Guest

    on September 3, 2005

    in dance 0038...you make me look so good ..and thin and young...I LOVE you...Khalillah

  • lord sigmund

    on August 29, 2005

    wonderful job, would love to have a cd of those if any way poss, you can email me at gsigmund@comcast.net..... putting together all the info i can for pensic including vid's for people that want to see everything, on a web site

  • Doug

    on August 27, 2005

    Magnificent photography. I'd never seen anything taken at Pennsic, until now. Superb job, Ursus.

  • Kevin (helmet0056)

    on August 27, 2005

    Great job, Ursus. You're still the best.

  • Iofa ferch Macsen

    on August 27, 2005

    Thanks for the lovely picture of the embroidered Celtic tunic I had on display.

  • Tigernach

    on August 26, 2005

    My Lord, thank you for this...I was too exhausted at the time to try to get contact information from you to get a copy of the shot.
    Tigernach (at) pipeline.com

  • Tascius

    on August 26, 2005

    My eyes are bleeding but I'll be back to do it again. Just about everyone I know has a good shot in here. Even saw a rare Sir Vlad with a shield shot!

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