Ymir - Ursus

  • Malcolm de Moffat

    on December 14, 2008

    well I like to thank you Ursus for taking photos of what the SCA started out with and remains it's strength. As for the nay sayers...if you don't like what you see...take and post your own. And further more if you are going to be nasty...at least sign your name. Thank you URSUS!!!

  • Guest

    on March 25, 2008

    Actually there are two photos of rapier. #s 116 and 284.

  • Guest

    on February 27, 2008

    586 photos of Ymir and not a single one of the archery, or even rapier for that matter! is heavy fighting the only competition that matters to the older SCAdians???? what B.S.! - an attendee of Ymir

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